Hello WordPress

Who misses me?

Ever since the 19th of September of 2009, I’ve moved out of WordPress and transferred to Livejournal because they offered me good and fun communities.

But WordPress, you’ve always been a good friend to me. So, don’t be hurt. I have a friend who seems to love you more than livejournal. I don’t hate you at all. I even feel like returning back to your arms. I miss the categories feature. Without that, My Dear _________ letters  have been scattered around.

Unfortunately, I’ve written over 200 entries in my livejournal and that baby feels like my home. I shall write on you one day to tell you how I feel and more. Right now, I’ve noticed that wordpress is a lot more famous than my dear livejournal. It has better themes and it looks a lot more sleek. I can also get to see my blog stats and I get to be saved from spam. You looks so organized and clean. You look so pretty.  That’s why I was having thoughts on moving. But I’ve made a choice and I’ve chosen LJ.

I’m sorry once again but look I’ve revamped your page.

Don’t be hurt, ok?

-emi… but now, I’m called Lynx. Take care and I shall write on you more next time. Meet me here: www.lynxof93angels.livejournal.com

I love you!


The Cure to an Author’s Disease: Inspiration

A lot of writers go through this. It’s an annoying disease that not only destroys their career but also their life. It attacks them as if it will never heal. It isn’t contagious but it spreads faster than the speed of light. Not only that, there is no cure. This is what we call WRITER’S BLOCK.

Although, I have just stated that there is NO cure, I am going to create one right now. Using this blog entry, I am going to stop the movement of the disease called Writer’s Block.

Let me begin with the symptoms.

Do you stare at the blank paper or computer for an extremely long time without writing/ typing? Do you try to write but continuously click on the hated Delete button? Crush out words again and again? Do you give up suddenly and do something else? Do you watch TV or read a book and forget about the story? Do you think of an idea but know that it will not fit in the story? Do you neglect your story and begin with another one?

If you said yes with most of the questions, then I must shake your hand and congratulate you. YOU ARE EXPERIENCING WRITER’S BLOCK.

True enough, after a long wait and healing process, this block will be defeated by inspiration. But where in the world do you find this thing called inspiration?

This is where I begin my creation of the cure, which I have just called inspiration. Searching for the ingredients of this cure is extremely tiring. At times, giving up was always the best solution. I would sit down and try to find them but they were always hiding behind the television and under the books. They don’t show up with a warning. They don’t scream, “I’m under this book! Open me up!” They never do that.

I found some ingredients under the right books and behind the best movies. For example, for my story Collide, I lost interest after I began writing the description about this robot that Vincent controls. I was never interested in writing physics crap and mathematical equations. So, I stopped writing and deleted EVERYTHING. Yes, I touched the hated delete button and I didn’t stop.  I began writing once again after I watched some of the cut scenes of the game Final Fantasy XII. I had also been reading books and watching a lot of different animes. I remember, I was watching this Japanese drama when a person suddenly had fever. I added a certain scene when my character got a fever. I didn’t follow every single thing that happened in the story. The drama just gave me an idea of what could happen in my story.

I know your lose originality when you copy from a show. You think that “Oh, that is so Cliché.” I know you want an idea that solely yours. But when your in a writer’s block and you desperately want to write, the tendency of a person to write a cliché scene is pretty much high. So, don’t be afraid to copy small little scenes like that. Just don’t ever copy the complete scene.

There was another ingredient that was hiding. Music. Remember that songs are not only made of melody and harmony. Words and short stories can be found in it. Some songs have very unique lines that can be used as a basis for a dialogue in a story. Sometimes, these songs can even add as a comic relief in a story just to give you a start from your disease.

In reality, the cure called Inspiration is found everywhere. It can be while reading a book, watching TV or listening to music. Sometimes, it can be found while listening to the conversation of two of your friends. In other times, if you’re a student, it could be found while daydreaming in the middle of class.

It’s also best to keep a small notebook for your sudden hits of ideas. Ideas can usually last for one second. If you continue daydreaming on this idea and plan to write about it later that night, most of the best parts of that idea will disappear. I have experience that more than once. I relied too much on my memorization skill and I didn’t realize that I couldn’t get details properly. Writing things down in a notebook can help you keep the most brilliant idea inside your story. I’m sure you will not feel guilty.

Asking for help from others can also be used as a way of inspiring oneself. Tell them to read your story or give them a plot and ask them what they want to happen next. Friends, who know a lot about you, would usually give you really good ideas that would suit your taste. They may have other ideas that aren’t so nice but can also make your story better. Don’t be so close-minded. Accept all of these suggestions and, sometimes, criticisms. It helps in making your story better.

Now to the subject of criticism. Not everyone will love your work. I’ve received a few painful comments but are actually really good comments. I know it hurts. I know you want to just scream at them and defend yourself and the story. But sometimes, it’s better to listen and swallow rather then complaining. It’s hard to accept. It takes a lot of pride to accept a mistake. Remember, comments are good. Even if it’s a pain, comments are good. Go make a new chapter that would surprise them and shock them. Write something awesome and prove to them that you are better than what they said. Never stay silent and sulk. Work hard to get that love that you want. Because, I know you want it.

And yes, comments are a good source of inspiration. It’s a very good source, indeed.

Let me just add one more thing. Don’t force yourself. An artist needs his day’s rest. Never stress your mind. That’s what happens when the Writer’s Block occurs. Your brain is too stressed. You’ve lost too much imagination and creativity. It’s always good to just close your eyes and breath. Let the wind travel through your hair. Let the music run through your ears. And Let time pass. There is no deadline. A lot of people are waiting, but you know that they don’t want to read a messy work. They want the best from their favorite author.

So breath in and breath out, and find that inspiration you’ve been looking for.


PS.: Collide is a story about the friendship between two friends separated by time. I know that line is like super cliche but I tell you the story is different. The summary is in the page “fiction or non-fiction” but I haven’t written so much about it.

University of the Philippines College Entrance Test (UPCAT)

12: 30 PM. August 1, 2009. UP- Cebu. Arts and Science Building.

I read the admission slip over and over again. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. C’mon, I’m taking an entrance exam for goodness sake. I don’t want to be dreaming! But I didn’t want it to be real. Who wants to be sitting beside an unknown stranger while answering a five hour exam? No one! Unless, he’s some genius who’s addicted to exam taking.

I slept at around ten O’clock that night. I wanted a goodnight sleep. But I wasn’t given that. Instead of waking up at seven O’clock, my stomach woke me up at Five in the morning. FIVE O’CLOCK! Didn’t my brain realize that it was too early for the butterflies to enter my stomach? Well, since there was no breakfast, I ended up eating a cracker. But I don’t think I was hungry enough to finish it. I waited till the clock touched 11. My friend and I had decided that we meet up an hour before the test. Yes, we want to be very punctual. We’re Filipinos who don’t want to be late! Accomplishment!

Anyway, I had arrived earlier than she did. But she came right before I had gone crazy. The events that had happened before the exam were:

1. We were chatting with one of the guards(?) of UP. He was speaking in bisaya, we understood him but this was the only thing that popped out of our mouth was just “Bitaw.”

2. We met up with our other two classmates who took the 6 AM exam (even if it was against the rules).

3. I went back to the line and said “hey” to a friend. Another guard thought I took the 6 AM exam and pulled me away. I yelled, “I DIDN’T TAKE THE TEST YET!” or well, I think it was more embarrassing.

4. We were lining up… well, duh!

5. The rain poured hard. I was wet!!!

6. We sat down in our designated chairs. I was right beside my friend!!! Haha!!! I promise you… We didn’t cheat!

7. We placed our snacks under the tiny armchair and left our bags at the sides.

They began passing around the answer sheet. We filled up the name area first and wrote our name in the paper that was passed around. And finally… they told us to open the test booklet.

PART I. English

I remember I didn’t know how to answer the first question. I speak English but I was having a one second mental block. What was the error in the sentence when there was no error? Where was the no error box to shade? What? There’s no letter E? Oh crap… make it up

Alright, let me tell all of you something. The exam was right minus 1/4th wrong. This meant every four mistakes meant minus one. I had completely forgotten this while I had taken the test. I colored this and that and this  and that.

But, I had finished English with no problems. Fine, maybe I guessed in this area and made up another part but I finished! I finished way before time ended!

PART II: Science

The thing about science was that after the test I had forgotten that there was a science part. Probably this was because I had made up a lot of it. It was mostly on genetics. I didn’t remember my genetics at all! And when I mean I didn’t remember it… I didn’t remember anything. ZERO. Nada. Nothing! There was probably a few physics here and chemistry there… but I don’t think I answered enough correct answers. But let us all be positive.

Oh! And there was this part that was Filipino. There were paragraphs and paragraphs of Filipino. I understand the language but… if you let me read it, I have the tendency of speed reading. I think I was shading all the boxes randomly. But I swear, I answered properly!

After closing the booklet, the examiners told us to stand up. My friend and I stared at each other. Everyone had stood up. Then… they told us to STREEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH! I think I stretched… but I didn’t stretch far enough.


The dreadful math. I was NEVER good in math. Maybe now that I’m fourth year, I’m getting better at it. But algebra was never my forte. NEVER. I can do geometry but not algebra. And guess what? That’s what the test was focusing on. There was geometry towards the end. But by that time I was already brain dead. The coffee candy that I was eating wasn’t working anymore. I wasn’t awake.

There was another problem. I was close to finishing when I realized that I was missing a number. I had skipped something. UH-OH. Skipping is bad. It means that all the numbers after that skipped number is wrong. So, I erased and shaded the next number. I did the same while trying to find the skipped number. I was already passed twenty numbers. I couldn’t find that skipped number. I was running out of time! I returned to the last number I answered. I continued answering but I was thinking about that skipped number. I would turn the papers back  just to check if anything looked unanswered. I pushed myself to finish it. I had shaded boxes that I had completely guessed. After finishing the remaining questions, I returned to searching for the missing number. I had found out that that number wasn’t too far. I had gone as far as twenty numbers but it was really close to the end. Anyway, I finished math before the time ended.

PART IV: Reading comprehension

Finally! Finally! This was what I was waiting for. But, I was drained. My brain was tired, my eyes wanted to drop dead and my feet were aching. I wasn’t in the perfect shape to answer. Unfortunately, the deadline was fifty minutes after. I HAD to answer it. I was ok in the beginning. I can read, I can comprehend, everything was alright. And then I saw my death. Another Filipino paragraph had formed on the test book. The questions were in Filipino too. Oh no, I’m going to fall asleep. I was lucky I understood the stories and paragraphs. I was lucky I watch teleseryes at night. I was lucky I knew the language. I had finished the test, too. No blanks, no spaces, all shaded.


The day was pretty exhausting. I ran to the bed the moment I reached home. My body was aching. My ass was extremely soar from sitting down and my head was exploding. I felt volcanoes popping out. The important thing is… I SURVIVED


PS. I remember while taking the test, I had time to day dream. I was asking myself: WHY AM I TAKING THIS TEST??? I guess, at first I just wanted to take the test because everyone is taking it. Now, I think I want to go to that school. I should have place UP-diliman in that list. Darn it!


The rules:

1. No watching of anime

2. No reading of mangas

3. No listening to anime songs

4. No watching of anime trailers

5. No watching of japanese boy bands….

6. No drawing of anime related drawings

7. No writing or reading of anime fanfiction!!!

I’m still trying to fill this up!!

Beginning: August 1

Ending: Probably after February..

Lynx’s schedule on weekdays

So… just for everyone’s satisfaction… here goes a litte taste of my life during weekdays..

5:25 AM: wake up

5:30 AM: head to the bathroom to take a bath…

5:50 AM: change into weird looking school uniform which is filled with stripes of three colors of different shades (red, blue and green). The uniform is actually sailor like, with an dettachable ribbon, and a below the knee length skirt.

6:00 AM: eat breakfast. Usually the food would be the normal filipino dishes. Tocino, chorizo and all the stuff…

6:20 AM: brush teeth and wait for brother to finish with taking a bath

6:45 AM: Leave house

7: 15 AM: reach school… even if classes start 40 minutes after… no one is in the classroom.

7:45 AM: classes start


5:00 PM: reach the house

And after that… the normal duties of a student begin… Study, go crazy, study again, sing, dance, be an idiot, write, study again.

And then I sleep at ten or ten thirty.

I usually check my mail to see if there is any great news regarding my fanfiction.

Go check my fanfiction page: http://www.fanfiction.net/~9angels1idiot


My prince of tennis character ranking

So, a friend of mine invited me to take this little test to see who’s my favorite character. It’s not the same as those quizilla quizzes you see posted around though. It was confusing at first. There was this no opinion button and a i like both button in between two different characters. But I got a hang of it. At times though, I had completely forgotten about the I like both button and so would end up picking one character even though i liked both. But anyway here are the results!!

Place Name
1 Tezuka Kunimitsu
1 Yagyuu Hiroshi
1 Yanagi Renji
1 Yukimura Seiichi
5 Echizen Ryoma
5 Fuji Yuuta
5 Hiyoshi Wakashi
8 Ootori Choutarou
8 Oshitari Yuushi
8 Sanada Genichirou
11 Fuji Shuusuke
12 Marui Bunta
13 Akira Kamio
13 Akutagawa Jirou
13 Atobe Keigo
16 Momoshirou Takeshi
16 Mukahi Gakuto
16 Niou Masaharu
16 Sengoku Kiyosumi
16 Shiraishi Kuranosuke
16 Shishido Ryou
16 Terry Griffey
16 Tom Griffey
16 Tooyama Kintarou
16 Tsuta Akane
16 Uchimura Kyousuke
16 Urayama Shiita
16 Wakato Hiroshi
16 Yamato Yuudai
16 Yanagisawa Shinya
16 Zaizen Hikaru
32 Akazawa Yoshirou
32 Akutsu Jin
32 Amane ‘Davide’ Hikaru
32 Aoi Kentarou
32 Aragaki
32 Arai Masashi
32 Arnald Ignashov
32 Banda ‘Banjii’ Mikiya
32 Billy Cassidy
32 Bobby Max
32 Chinen Hiroshi
32 Chitose Miyuki
32 Chitose Senri
32 Dan Taichi
32 Echizen Ryoga
32 Habu Itto
32 Higashikata Masami
32 Hirakoba Rin
32 Hitouji Yuuji
32 Horio Satoshi
32 Ibu Shinji
32 Kaidou Kaoru
32 Karupin
32 Kikumaru Eiji
32 Michael Lee
32 Minami Kentarou
32 Minamoto Takuma
32 Mizuki Hajime
32 Mizuno Katsuo
32 Mori Tatsunori
32 Muromachi Touji
32 Nishikiori Tsubasa
32 Nitobe Inakichi
32 Nomura Takuya
32 Oishi Shuichirou
32 Ojii
32 Osakada Tomoka
32 Osamu Watanabe
32 Oshitari Kenya
32 Ota Shou
32 Richard Baker
32 Ryuuzaki Sakuno
32 Ryuuzaki Sumire
32 Saeki Koujirou
32 Sakaki Tarou
32 Sakurai Masaya
32 Saotome Harumi
32 Shiba Saori
32 Shinjou Reiji
32 Shiranui Tomoya
32 Shudou Satoshi
32 Tachibana An
32 Tachibana Kippei
32 Takase Masato
32 Taki Haginosuke
32 Tanaka Kouhei
32 Tanaka Youhei
32 Tanishi Kei
90 Kawamura Takashi
90 Kevin Smith
92 Echizen Nanjirou
92 Inoue Mamoru
92 Inui Sadaharu
92 Ishida Gin
92 Ishida Tetsu
92 Itsuki Marehiko
92 Kabaji Munehiro
92 Kai Yuujirou
92 Kajimoto Takahisa
92 Kaneda Ichirou
92 Katou Kachirou
92 Kisarazu Ryou
92 Kita Ichiuma
92 Kite Eishirou
92 Kongawa Junpei
92 Konjiki Koharu
92 Kurobane Karukaze
92 Kuwahara Jackal
92 Meino Nanako
111 Kisarazu Atsushi
111 Kitamura Wataru
113 Kirihara Akaya
113 Kiriyama Daichi
115 Kiraku Yasuyuki

I can’t believe Shishido is placed at a very low spot!!! I shall rewrite it in this manner so that I don’t hurt his feelings!

Or wait.. why don’t I show you guys a chat I had with a friend… Here goes nothing!

my friend: themysteriousmerz

me: lynx

themysteriousmerz (9:22:32 PM): It’s something that tallies your fave PoT characters.
themysteriousmerz (9:22:33 PM): x3
lynx (9:22:56 PM): i ddnt understand at first and started clicking on stuff…
lynx (9:22:57 PM): refreshing
themysteriousmerz (9:23:07 PM): x3
lynx (9:24:20 PM): i dont know these two characters!
lynx (9:24:23 PM): NO OPINION@
themysteriousmerz (9:24:25 PM): xD
themysteriousmerz (9:24:31 PM): That’s what I do mostly.
lynx (9:24:48 PM): what the hell they even placed the twins!! NO OPINION
lynx (9:25:03 PM): A GIRL OR A BOY???
lynx (9:25:05 PM): HMMM….
lynx (9:25:09 PM): NO OPINION!
themysteriousmerz (9:25:09 PM): xD
themysteriousmerz (9:25:22 PM): ‘Karupin’ or ‘Echizen Ryoma’
themysteriousmerz (9:25:24 PM): xD
lynx (9:25:29 PM): SHISHIDO RYOU FOREVER!!
themysteriousmerz (9:25:31 PM): xDD
lynx (9:25:42 PM): WHAT THE HECK!! SHIBA OR SENGOKU????
lynx (9:25:45 PM): DUH.. SENGOKU!
themysteriousmerz (9:25:58 PM): xDD
lynx (9:26:07 PM): NO OPINION!!
themysteriousmerz (9:26:09 PM): Fuji or Ryoma?
themysteriousmerz (9:26:16 PM): Ryoma! x3
themysteriousmerz (9:26:24 PM): Yeah.
themysteriousmerz (9:27:04 PM): x3
lynx (9:27:16 PM): ootori or tomoka???
lynx (9:27:24 PM): gosh! Why do they place a girl against a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
themysteriousmerz (9:28:01 PM): xD
themysteriousmerz (9:28:08 PM): Marui vs. Nanako.
lynx (9:28:17 PM): wait.. which kisarazu twin had short hair?
themysteriousmerz (9:28:34 PM): …atsushi
lynx (9:28:40 PM): ok…
lynx (9:28:56 PM): karupin or kachirou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
themysteriousmerz (9:29:04 PM): Karupin or Kajimoto!
lynx (9:29:11 PM): hahahaha
lynx (9:29:39 PM): tetsu or gin?
lynx (9:29:41 PM): …..
lynx (9:29:49 PM): i just realized tetsu is so freakin tall and thin
themysteriousmerz (9:29:55 PM): xD
lynx (9:29:58 PM): and gin… is like… GIGANTIC!!
lynx (9:30:02 PM): what’s with the genes!!!!1
themysteriousmerz (9:30:03 PM): Yeah…
lynx (9:30:05 PM): NO OPINION!
lynx (9:30:14 PM): INOUE OR INUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lynx (9:30:17 PM): HMMM…..
themysteriousmerz (9:30:20 PM): …Shiraishi or Shishido…
lynx (9:30:24 PM): SHISHIDO!
themysteriousmerz (9:31:17 PM): xDD
themysteriousmerz (9:31:22 PM): I chose both.
themysteriousmerz (9:31:23 PM): >.<
themysteriousmerz (9:31:29 PM): Nanjirou or Ryoma?
lynx (9:31:33 PM): ryoma!
themysteriousmerz (9:31:48 PM): xD
themysteriousmerz (9:31:54 PM): Tezuka or Yukimura?
lynx (9:32:10 PM): omg… i found a hard one
lynx (9:32:14 PM): yagyuu or yanagi?
lynx (9:32:25 PM): i mean… personality-wise… i like them both
lynx (9:32:26 PM): …
lynx (9:32:36 PM): oh.. i forgot again that there’s an i like both button…
lynx (9:32:39 PM): CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
themysteriousmerz (9:32:40 PM): xD

after a few more crazy stuff

ynx (9:33:27 PM): how long will this lasT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lynx (9:33:46 PM): omg!!!
lynx (9:33:55 PM): i ddnt click akaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
themysteriousmerz (9:34:02 PM): x3
themysteriousmerz (9:34:13 PM): It lasts until it reaches 100% sorted.
themysteriousmerz (9:34:23 PM): Tezuka or Shiraishi!!
themysteriousmerz (9:34:24 PM): ?
lynx (9:34:30 PM): aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
lynx (9:34:38 PM): BOTH!!!!!!!
themysteriousmerz (9:34:50 PM): xD
themysteriousmerz (9:34:57 PM): Niou or Choutarou?
lynx (9:35:11 PM): BOTH
lynx (9:35:14 PM): EIJI OR KARUPIN?
themysteriousmerz (9:35:46 PM): xDD
themysteriousmerz (9:35:53 PM): 68% through.
lynx (9:36:09 PM): 42%
themysteriousmerz (9:36:25 PM): x3

After some private conversations:

ynx (9:41:12 PM): wait.. how come my shishido is so far down!
lynx (9:41:15 PM): this is a lie!
lynx (9:41:17 PM): continue..
themysteriousmerz (9:41:45 PM): 10: Inui, Kaidoh, Kikumaru, Kirihara, Marui, Niou, Ootori, Oshitari 1 and 2, Sanada, Yagyuu, and Yanagi,. *whew*
lynx (9:41:52 PM): ok
themysteriousmerz (9:41:55 PM): >.< And you?
lynx (9:42:15 PM): i’ll say mine in this weird manner, so that shishido won’t get mad at me
themysteriousmerz (9:42:27 PM): x3
themysteriousmerz (9:42:29 PM): Okay.
lynx (9:42:32 PM): 1 (shared by four people): tezuka, yagyuu, yanagi, yukimura
lynx (9:42:38 PM): rikkai rules for some reason
themysteriousmerz (9:42:47 PM): …wows.
lynx (9:42:58 PM): 5(in reality its number two): echizen, fuji and Hiyoshi
lynx (9:43:11 PM): 8( in reality is number three): ootori, oshitari, sanada
lynx (9:43:25 PM): 11( in reality is number 4): fuji only!!
lynx (9:43:39 PM): 12( in reality number 5): marui
themysteriousmerz (9:43:55 PM): …why is Shishido so far below?
lynx (9:44:00 PM): 13( in reality number 6): akira kamio, akutagawa, atobe
themysteriousmerz (9:44:12 PM): …he’s even below 6?
lynx (9:44:28 PM): 16( in realityis number 7): momshiro, mukahi, niou, sengoku shiraishi… and finally…
lynx (9:44:30 PM): SHISHIDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
themysteriousmerz (9:44:35 PM): …wow.
lynx (9:45:00 PM): i have so many at number 16… i dddnt even touch the names of these peopl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lynx (9:45:05 PM): that’s practically it!
lynx (9:45:41 PM): i mean.. all the hot guys are already up inthe list!

And that’s it!

I think 95% of this post is complete IM… hmm, this just means I am completely bored!

Miguel Escueta had a Concert in my school!!!!

If I could recall clearly, it was two or three years ago when the Escueta family made a visit to cebu. The location? My school. To most of the teenagers going there, they were practically a nobody.  But the most exciting part was knowing that a certain one of them was going to be a new rocking sensation… or something like that. His name: Miguel Escueta. He was known, during those days, as Migs Escueta. I never really knew him. I didn’t even think that he would be some really cool singer in the near future. But who knows? So, he serenaded us with two songs I guess and a little papicture with him and the children (which we were known as at that time). He had said that his album would come out soon enough. Ooooh, yay for me, I actually met some famous guy way before he became famous…. That’s pretty odd.

And when I heard that the Student Council was bringing him in for this year’s family day, I was not in such a great mood. I’ve heard his songs, once or twice, wasn’t much of a fan. But well, he IS a famous guy now… so, why don’t I take the chance? And when the day finally arrived, it felt pretty funny.

After the awards were given for the family day (Let’s go Blue Pirates, you guys rock! I love you Red Sharks! I AM the red team co-captain). A certain someone said that Miguel (which he is known as now) has arrived. Jamie Soberano, Student council president and the organizer of the even, had spread the word of his arrival. Most of us gathered in front of the van he used and just watched him get out. We screamed, said hi, and the other normal things to do when meeting a celeb. (eg: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I love you Miguel!). But there was only one thing I wanted… an Autograph!!!!

When the concert started, three bands performed on the stage before Miguel (I heart Monching of Six years to Fame!). And when it started, man, the girls were screaming, the guys were cheering and a whole lot of Miguel’s sweat was flying. I felt partially sad that I never knew his songs. I hope he understood that part since he would teach the chorus for us to sing with him. Like that time when he taught us the falling away song or the Para sa yo! But well, his covers were awesome. I stood there for the whole time!! I never felt as exhilarated and as crazy before. Oh and don’t forget Juni, who was probably covered by Miguel’s singing. Juni was the other guitarist, import from Canada as Miguel always described him as. Estelle had found him first, I just became a fan. He’s Estelle’s. Although I never got to touch Miguel’s hand during the concert, Juni’s was there. Hehe.

And then the autograph signing… the problem? You have to buy a CD before he signs. Alright, fine, I was desperate. I pulled out the crispy two hundred peso bill and the one hundred one and handed it to Alyssa. I ran together with some other raving fans to the interactive room. We all waited for our turn to come, silently, patiently and excited. I came in the room together with Niña, Kate, and Mary. When it was my turn to let him sign mine, I had told him Inna with a double N. And that’s how he’ll probably remember me. He did try to say all our names… “inna with the double N, Niña pascual and…. “ he pointed to Mary.  She showed the “Mary Me” on her hand. “Mary! How could I forget you!”

Basically I let everybody else in the band sign but I missed out dearest Miguel.

I chilled with Nica and Co.  We Just talked about him and all the other stuff, like red and blue hair. Nica was about to leave when her mom forced her to get her shirt autographed by Miguel. I had to come! He didn’t even sign my shirt yet.

And off we went to the interactive. Just in time! He was about to leave. It was just us and the other SSC. I told him to sign mine because he didn’t sign it awhile ago. He took a good look at the back of my shirt then said “Oh I didn’t sign it!” He first wrote on Nica’s back and then moved on to mine. He held on to my shoulder for an extremely long time because he asked his (road) manager, “How many CDs did we sell?” in tagalog, the manager replied, “mga 25”

“Ok, pwedeng pambili ng…” long pause, time to think for a pun, “Beer!” we all giggled. “Joke lang” or something like that. Then he said that we were young pa daw for it or something like that. And then! He asked “Can I sign it on the sleeve?”

I don’t really remember what I said but I know I said yes. And then he signed!!!!

And so, I left…

We escorted him down the lobby where he said thanks and gave us a all a really really really tight handshake… I meant hard and tight!!! Gosh, does he practice those??

Going to the gate, he had said “We love you!”

Alyssa nd I replied, “I love you, too!” we laughed and high fived.

He stayed in the entrance for a longer while, spoke to the mom of Issa, hugged Inna yap and Bea and finally said his final goodbye!

We all gave a big wave back!

Goodbye Miguel Escueta!
Goodbye Miguel Escueta and the band!
Goodbye Concert!
Goodbye family day!
Hello tomorrowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fun… exhausting… tiring… memorable!!!

From the lovable LYNX, signing out


I had a fun experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Sorry for the tagalog stuff… you’ll just have to guess those stuff!

Thanks for coming Miguel, Juni, Jeng and Roy