HEROES season three… LOVE IT!(may contain spoilers)

I’ve been a crazy fan of Heroes since last year. Well, the fact that I found Milo Ventimiglia a very interesting character was one main reason. The other reason? They weren’t a bunch of superheroes flying around with the underpants showing. They were normal people, with huge problems. And so, I began my love for the series.

I never actually thought I would like it, but the idea just seemed to attract me, and I fell in love. The series just kept on leaving me guessing. I mean, What does SYLAR do to the brain? Eat it? My gosh, I thought that was just plain disgusting, but well… I just kept wondering. Or even questions like… “How in the world did they get that power!?”

But… Like I said, I fell in love.

But that’s not the important part. When I completed the first season, I was as shocked as everybody else. But… ironically, I wasn’t asking for more. Sylar was gone, they saved the cheerleader and the world and well, the bomb was Peter Petrelli. I just never thought of wanting to watch a Season two.

And so, I never watched Season two. My friend told me spoilers, which seemed to surprise me but… I was never interested to watch. Ok, fine, Sylar is ALIVE and so is Nathan and Peter Petrelli. Then there comes a long list of people with weird powers… bla bla bla. BORING. But fine, it was just boring me since I was completely spoiled.

And then, season three came. The same friend, for old times sake, sent me a link of where I can watch Heroes Season three, ep 3. I watched it for his sake and TRIED to enjoy it. But I just couldn’t connect it with the first season or with the spoilers of the second season. And in the end, i never finished watching it.

But when my brother comes home and FORCES me to watch it, I WAS HOOKED. I could connect it easily with season one (even if i completely skipped season two). There were so much good stuff that were introduced. I was seriously glued to the chair. I had wanted more, more, more! There were so much revealed. Even in the first four episodes, I just couldn’t believe what I was watching. A few of the questions that I had asked myself in the first season, were mostly answered. And oh my gosh! Muhinder Suresh just surprised me! Who would even think that four years into the future, so much changes could happen. And Sylar (who insists to be called Gabriel, four years later) just never stops surprising all of us.

This season has just caught my eye once again and this time, I won’t let go.

Go check it out!


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