Anyone up for an Ouran fanfic? (kyouyaxoc)

Alright, so for those who would love to read an ouran fanfiction with Kyouya and an original character… I have one just for you guy!

At the moment, it is nowhere near complete but I could give you guys a short summary…

“Kyouya has woken up late, his sister has suddenly stopped by for a visit, his car broke down and the traffic is very heavy. So, what does he do now to avoid being late for school? Ride the local train, of course. And there, he is standing beside an old man, staring at girls giggling and he just hates the atmosphere. But one girl stands out the most.

“She is Okawa Miyuki. A new student of Ouran. An average manga fanatic and your everyday shouju mangaka…

“He is most interested in her… very much interested in her…”

And there you have it…

so go check it out people!!


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