Miguel Escueta had a Concert in my school!!!!

If I could recall clearly, it was two or three years ago when the Escueta family made a visit to cebu. The location? My school. To most of the teenagers going there, they were practically a nobody.  But the most exciting part was knowing that a certain one of them was going to be a new rocking sensation… or something like that. His name: Miguel Escueta. He was known, during those days, as Migs Escueta. I never really knew him. I didn’t even think that he would be some really cool singer in the near future. But who knows? So, he serenaded us with two songs I guess and a little papicture with him and the children (which we were known as at that time). He had said that his album would come out soon enough. Ooooh, yay for me, I actually met some famous guy way before he became famous…. That’s pretty odd.

And when I heard that the Student Council was bringing him in for this year’s family day, I was not in such a great mood. I’ve heard his songs, once or twice, wasn’t much of a fan. But well, he IS a famous guy now… so, why don’t I take the chance? And when the day finally arrived, it felt pretty funny.

After the awards were given for the family day (Let’s go Blue Pirates, you guys rock! I love you Red Sharks! I AM the red team co-captain). A certain someone said that Miguel (which he is known as now) has arrived. Jamie Soberano, Student council president and the organizer of the even, had spread the word of his arrival. Most of us gathered in front of the van he used and just watched him get out. We screamed, said hi, and the other normal things to do when meeting a celeb. (eg: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I love you Miguel!). But there was only one thing I wanted… an Autograph!!!!

When the concert started, three bands performed on the stage before Miguel (I heart Monching of Six years to Fame!). And when it started, man, the girls were screaming, the guys were cheering and a whole lot of Miguel’s sweat was flying. I felt partially sad that I never knew his songs. I hope he understood that part since he would teach the chorus for us to sing with him. Like that time when he taught us the falling away song or the Para sa yo! But well, his covers were awesome. I stood there for the whole time!! I never felt as exhilarated and as crazy before. Oh and don’t forget Juni, who was probably covered by Miguel’s singing. Juni was the other guitarist, import from Canada as Miguel always described him as. Estelle had found him first, I just became a fan. He’s Estelle’s. Although I never got to touch Miguel’s hand during the concert, Juni’s was there. Hehe.

And then the autograph signing… the problem? You have to buy a CD before he signs. Alright, fine, I was desperate. I pulled out the crispy two hundred peso bill and the one hundred one and handed it to Alyssa. I ran together with some other raving fans to the interactive room. We all waited for our turn to come, silently, patiently and excited. I came in the room together with Niña, Kate, and Mary. When it was my turn to let him sign mine, I had told him Inna with a double N. And that’s how he’ll probably remember me. He did try to say all our names… “inna with the double N, Niña pascual and…. “ he pointed to Mary.  She showed the “Mary Me” on her hand. “Mary! How could I forget you!”

Basically I let everybody else in the band sign but I missed out dearest Miguel.

I chilled with Nica and Co.  We Just talked about him and all the other stuff, like red and blue hair. Nica was about to leave when her mom forced her to get her shirt autographed by Miguel. I had to come! He didn’t even sign my shirt yet.

And off we went to the interactive. Just in time! He was about to leave. It was just us and the other SSC. I told him to sign mine because he didn’t sign it awhile ago. He took a good look at the back of my shirt then said “Oh I didn’t sign it!” He first wrote on Nica’s back and then moved on to mine. He held on to my shoulder for an extremely long time because he asked his (road) manager, “How many CDs did we sell?” in tagalog, the manager replied, “mga 25”

“Ok, pwedeng pambili ng…” long pause, time to think for a pun, “Beer!” we all giggled. “Joke lang” or something like that. Then he said that we were young pa daw for it or something like that. And then! He asked “Can I sign it on the sleeve?”

I don’t really remember what I said but I know I said yes. And then he signed!!!!

And so, I left…

We escorted him down the lobby where he said thanks and gave us a all a really really really tight handshake… I meant hard and tight!!! Gosh, does he practice those??

Going to the gate, he had said “We love you!”

Alyssa nd I replied, “I love you, too!” we laughed and high fived.

He stayed in the entrance for a longer while, spoke to the mom of Issa, hugged Inna yap and Bea and finally said his final goodbye!

We all gave a big wave back!

Goodbye Miguel Escueta!
Goodbye Miguel Escueta and the band!
Goodbye Concert!
Goodbye family day!
Hello tomorrowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fun… exhausting… tiring… memorable!!!

From the lovable LYNX, signing out


I had a fun experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Sorry for the tagalog stuff… you’ll just have to guess those stuff!

Thanks for coming Miguel, Juni, Jeng and Roy


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