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Hello WordPress

Who misses me?

Ever since the 19th of September of 2009, I’ve moved out of WordPress and transferred to Livejournal because they offered me good and fun communities.

But WordPress, you’ve always been a good friend to me. So, don’t be hurt. I have a friend who seems to love you more than livejournal. I don’t hate you at all. I even feel like returning back to your arms. I miss the categories feature. Without that, My Dear _________ letters ┬áhave been scattered around.

Unfortunately, I’ve written over 200 entries in my livejournal and that baby feels like my home. I shall write on you one day to tell you how I feel and more. Right now, I’ve noticed that wordpress is a lot more famous than my dear livejournal. It has better themes and it looks a lot more sleek. I can also get to see my blog stats and I get to be saved from spam. You looks so organized and clean. You look so pretty. ┬áThat’s why I was having thoughts on moving. But I’ve made a choice and I’ve chosen LJ.

I’m sorry once again but look I’ve revamped your page.

Don’t be hurt, ok?

-emi… but now, I’m called Lynx. Take care and I shall write on you more next time. Meet me here:

I love you!