Fiction or Non-Fiction

I have written more than ten originally stories in my lifetime. None of them have lived on to actually see an ending. Either they were stopped halfway because I got bored and had wanted a new story, or I thought the idea was immature.

Let me just start with my tiny little background on writing. I began when I was in grade 4 (9 or 10 years old) and I was really to write because… I actually don’t remember. My character was a based on me but was a lot “mature.” Well, thats what I thought. When your ten, you don’t really know what’s mature or not. I mean, you think you’re mature but in reality you’re just a little kid. So basically, the characters in that story must have been completely immature.

I want into Anime a lot. A lot of my characters in my very first story were named after anime characters. Even their images and personalities were similar to anime characters. So, before I go on talking about Anime I’ll introduce to you guys my Fiction stories.

1.  Clone Project

Summary: Set in Japan, a girl meets a young boy on a journey to find a robber. During one of their searches, the boy meets his death. Researching on him, the girl finds out that he wasn’t a normal student of their school, but the son of one of the greatest cloners in the world. Jake, the boy, is soon to be cloned.

Reason why it ended: the story was getting stupider and stupider and farther and farther from the point. I don’t even know what the point is! Besides, why did I set it in Japan when I haven’t even gone there yet!

Notes: I think if I had changed it a little bit more… I would have liked it.

Anime Influence: Angel Sanctuary and Vandread

2. *I have forgotten

Summary: Naomi is inspired by her brother to be the the greatest archer. Her brother then dies in an airplane crash. He had left a message for Naomi through his stoic best friend though: To teach Naomi. And that was when this friend had done. But they learn something more than just archery.

Reason why it ended: I don’t think I had a feel for it anymore. It was boring and I also had no first hand experience on archery. True, my brother used to join the archery club but… I didn’t join the archery club!

Notes: I have noticed that a lot of people die in my stories. I can’t believe I actually forgot the title of this.

Anime Influence: Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade

3. *Something about Princesses (i forgot the title again!)

Summary: A series of four books, this shows the life of four girls who meet the prince of their dreams.

Reason why it ended: I don’t think I had the heart to write such a shallow book…

Anime Influence: All those bishounens in the Anime world

4. Lost Memories

Summary: During a family gathering, a fire starts in the middle of the night. Only one girl had arrived but had completely lost all her memories. Join her as she finds out about her past, meets new friends and sees a new beginning.

Reason why it ended: I think I had an idea for a new story…

Anime Influence: It’s a mix

5. Hail ~the Spirit~

Summary: The planet is PLANET OP.  Aeris, after losing both her father and mother in a murder, begins living with her aunt. As she reaches the age of fifteen, she is haunted down by a man in black clothes. When she was touched by him, she was brought to an experimental room where she was implanted with a device to make her the ultimate weapon, HAIL.

Reason why it ended: My computer broke down and all the files were deleted this was the only story that I was planning to finish!

Notes: This was the only story that I was planning to finish!

Anime Influence: Final Fantasy VII. Aeris is from Aeris Gainsborough, and the guy in black reminds me of Sephiroth.

6. Unreal Friendship

Summary: A story of five friends as they walk through life. Lyza, the intelligent student has taken a liking to Ryan, the school heartthrob, who is hit by a truck and goes into amnesia. Mea, the dramatic princess, is falling in love with their dumb jock’s (Lex) cousin. And their Asian boy, Chris is in some sort of problem when he sees that his fiance is with some other boy. Can they ever get back to their normal lives?

Reason why it ended: I added a stupid twist where I made them have super powers. I think this happened after I stopped writing Hail, and so added all the super power stuff into this story.

Notes: I already had an ending in mind… but well… I’m not in the mood of writing it anymore

7. Collide

Summary: Ivalice wakes up one morning in the wrong time dimension. Its the year 20,000. But she’s not alone. The Chancellor of this city is with her and so is his annoying son, Vincent Balthier. She later finds out that her mother is in this time but how is this possible when she is dead in the real time?

Reason why it ended: It hasn’t ended yet!! 🙂

Notes: It’s still in the process and is currently in chapter eight.This story was written twice.

Anime Influence: Final Fantasy XII

And that’s all for now!!!


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