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The Cure to an Author’s Disease: Inspiration

A lot of writers go through this. It’s an annoying disease that not only destroys their career but also their life. It attacks them as if it will never heal. It isn’t contagious but it spreads faster than the speed of light. Not only that, there is no cure. This is what we call WRITER’S BLOCK.

Although, I have just stated that there is NO cure, I am going to create one right now. Using this blog entry, I am going to stop the movement of the disease called Writer’s Block.

Let me begin with the symptoms.

Do you stare at the blank paper or computer for an extremely long time without writing/ typing? Do you try to write but continuously click on the hated Delete button? Crush out words again and again? Do you give up suddenly and do something else? Do you watch TV or read a book and forget about the story? Do you think of an idea but know that it will not fit in the story? Do you neglect your story and begin with another one?

If you said yes with most of the questions, then I must shake your hand and congratulate you. YOU ARE EXPERIENCING WRITER’S BLOCK.

True enough, after a long wait and healing process, this block will be defeated by inspiration. But where in the world do you find this thing called inspiration?

This is where I begin my creation of the cure, which I have just called inspiration. Searching for the ingredients of this cure is extremely tiring. At times, giving up was always the best solution. I would sit down and try to find them but they were always hiding behind the television and under the books. They don’t show up with a warning. They don’t scream, “I’m under this book! Open me up!” They never do that.

I found some ingredients under the right books and behind the best movies. For example, for my story Collide, I lost interest after I began writing the description about this robot that Vincent controls. I was never interested in writing physics crap and mathematical equations. So, I stopped writing and deleted EVERYTHING. Yes, I touched the hated delete button and I didn’t stop.  I began writing once again after I watched some of the cut scenes of the game Final Fantasy XII. I had also been reading books and watching a lot of different animes. I remember, I was watching this Japanese drama when a person suddenly had fever. I added a certain scene when my character got a fever. I didn’t follow every single thing that happened in the story. The drama just gave me an idea of what could happen in my story.

I know your lose originality when you copy from a show. You think that “Oh, that is so Cliché.” I know you want an idea that solely yours. But when your in a writer’s block and you desperately want to write, the tendency of a person to write a cliché scene is pretty much high. So, don’t be afraid to copy small little scenes like that. Just don’t ever copy the complete scene.

There was another ingredient that was hiding. Music. Remember that songs are not only made of melody and harmony. Words and short stories can be found in it. Some songs have very unique lines that can be used as a basis for a dialogue in a story. Sometimes, these songs can even add as a comic relief in a story just to give you a start from your disease.

In reality, the cure called Inspiration is found everywhere. It can be while reading a book, watching TV or listening to music. Sometimes, it can be found while listening to the conversation of two of your friends. In other times, if you’re a student, it could be found while daydreaming in the middle of class.

It’s also best to keep a small notebook for your sudden hits of ideas. Ideas can usually last for one second. If you continue daydreaming on this idea and plan to write about it later that night, most of the best parts of that idea will disappear. I have experience that more than once. I relied too much on my memorization skill and I didn’t realize that I couldn’t get details properly. Writing things down in a notebook can help you keep the most brilliant idea inside your story. I’m sure you will not feel guilty.

Asking for help from others can also be used as a way of inspiring oneself. Tell them to read your story or give them a plot and ask them what they want to happen next. Friends, who know a lot about you, would usually give you really good ideas that would suit your taste. They may have other ideas that aren’t so nice but can also make your story better. Don’t be so close-minded. Accept all of these suggestions and, sometimes, criticisms. It helps in making your story better.

Now to the subject of criticism. Not everyone will love your work. I’ve received a few painful comments but are actually really good comments. I know it hurts. I know you want to just scream at them and defend yourself and the story. But sometimes, it’s better to listen and swallow rather then complaining. It’s hard to accept. It takes a lot of pride to accept a mistake. Remember, comments are good. Even if it’s a pain, comments are good. Go make a new chapter that would surprise them and shock them. Write something awesome and prove to them that you are better than what they said. Never stay silent and sulk. Work hard to get that love that you want. Because, I know you want it.

And yes, comments are a good source of inspiration. It’s a very good source, indeed.

Let me just add one more thing. Don’t force yourself. An artist needs his day’s rest. Never stress your mind. That’s what happens when the Writer’s Block occurs. Your brain is too stressed. You’ve lost too much imagination and creativity. It’s always good to just close your eyes and breath. Let the wind travel through your hair. Let the music run through your ears. And Let time pass. There is no deadline. A lot of people are waiting, but you know that they don’t want to read a messy work. They want the best from their favorite author.

So breath in and breath out, and find that inspiration you’ve been looking for.


PS.: Collide is a story about the friendship between two friends separated by time. I know that line is like super cliche but I tell you the story is different. The summary is in the page “fiction or non-fiction” but I haven’t written so much about it.


Anyone up for an Ouran fanfic? (kyouyaxoc)

Alright, so for those who would love to read an ouran fanfiction with Kyouya and an original character… I have one just for you guy!

At the moment, it is nowhere near complete but I could give you guys a short summary…

“Kyouya has woken up late, his sister has suddenly stopped by for a visit, his car broke down and the traffic is very heavy. So, what does he do now to avoid being late for school? Ride the local train, of course. And there, he is standing beside an old man, staring at girls giggling and he just hates the atmosphere. But one girl stands out the most.

“She is Okawa Miyuki. A new student of Ouran. An average manga fanatic and your everyday shouju mangaka…

“He is most interested in her… very much interested in her…”

And there you have it…

so go check it out people!!

Craving for Prince of Tennis Fanfiction?

If you have heard of, then you might know what I mean. And if you adore Tezuka Kunimitsu… then probably you should try reading my very own fanfiction featuring him. Although, you wont be playing the star of the story, you will meet a new OC character.Her name is Amasawa Amai and you will watch how her world will meet Tezuka’s.

Its a simple story, but I hope it interests you and makes you stick to the computer till the end. Well here is the link for those who are interested.

I’d really like to hear your comments, suggestions and what not.

Oh, and for all those who wants to know what the story is about here it goes.

Amasawa Amai has been going to school in Seigaku. And she’s known Tezuka Kunimitsu since first year. The only thing she has ever felt for him is respect, admiration and inspiration and nothing more. But when they bump into each other on their final year of middle school, something changes. Is it only respect she feels for this stoic man?