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Lynx’s schedule on weekdays

So… just for everyone’s satisfaction… here goes a litte taste of my life during weekdays..

5:25 AM: wake up

5:30 AM: head to the bathroom to take a bath…

5:50 AM: change into weird looking school uniform which is filled with stripes of three colors of different shades (red, blue and green). The uniform is actually sailor like, with an dettachable ribbon, and a below the knee length skirt.

6:00 AM: eat breakfast. Usually the food would be the normal filipino dishes. Tocino, chorizo and all the stuff…

6:20 AM: brush teeth and wait for brother to finish with taking a bath

6:45 AM: Leave house

7: 15 AM: reach school… even if classes start 40 minutes after… no one is in the classroom.

7:45 AM: classes start


5:00 PM: reach the house

And after that… the normal duties of a student begin… Study, go crazy, study again, sing, dance, be an idiot, write, study again.

And then I sleep at ten or ten thirty.

I usually check my mail to see if there is any great news regarding my fanfiction.

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