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The Naruto Obsession (the repeat!!!)

naruto shippuudenI was once long ago… a crazy naruto addict.

I was once drooling over the hotness of Sasuke.

I was once wishing to see Kakashi’s face.

I was once dreaming to be a ninja…

Then… I stopped watching. There was no exact reason at all. I think it was because school began and I had to no time to watch anymore. Well… Luckily, my big brother had sources to the manga. He completely¬† spoiled me and allowed me to read the the last battle of naruto and sasuke. While all this happened, anime fillers were showing up on TV.¬† The stupid fillers that brought my naruto life to an end.

And then… my crazy obsession ended. The computer had bugged down and all the files with naruto in it was GONE.


I tried watching it through the net, but after Gaara was saved I wasn’t anymore interested. I didn’t know why. I just simply didn’t want to watch. My classmate had explained to me what happened after that episode… but I didn’t want to hear it… why? Cuz it was ALL fillers!!! What’s the use of telling me when none of this will connect to the real story. I hate fillers. It wastes time.

But… When she told me that Asuma had died and when she announced that in the manga Itachi had different reasons for killing the Uchiha clan… I made a decision that during the christmas break I WILL read every single chapter of Naruto. But not from the beginning. Just from the part where i ended. The part when Sai was being a bad boy and all…

And that’s when the obesssion began. The chapter where I began was 303. That’s like 100 chapters away from the latest chapter (429). But I was determined.

Throughout the whole reading process I went through sad sad sad moments.

1. Asuma’s death! I was dying, too. My friend had told me about it but she didn’t say he died in such a sad manner. Being stabbed through the heart, defenseless! I was heartbroken. Not only that!!! I also find out that dearest Kurenai is pregnant!!!! I’m just soooooooooooo sad!!!

2. Jiraiya’s death!!! Now, i knew about this long long long long long long time ago. But, i never knew how he died… Why why why why why would his dearest students kill him!!! Where is the love in the world!!! Why all the PAIN!!! I am soooo gonna kill PAIN. Jiraiya!!! i wanted to see him more… more…. more… And my goodness, he looks so funny as a frog!!!! well… i was just sooooooooooooooooooooooo sad!!!uchihabros2

3. Itachi’s death!!! Oh, itachi!!! He was such a good brother. What was really sad about his death was the flashback scenes. The scenes with Sasuke and Itachi being such great brothers. I mean, you don’t see Sasuke that happy!!! Especially when Itachi pokes Sasuke’s head!!!!! That’s such a brotherly thing!!!! And what’s most saddening is the part when Itachi say’s sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m like…. NOOOOOOOOO! Welll yeah…. and and and and… I hate TOBI/ Uchiha Madara!!! Hate him Hate him… DIE, YOU BASTARD!! Well, Sasuke had to know the truth at some point. Why, Itachi? Why?? Why kill the clan??? Because he wanted peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s such a sad sacrifice….

4. I hate you Sasuke for going against KONOHA! Don’t kill ’em all!! Don’t!!!! I mean, don’t you love Naruto???? ok ok, I’m not a fan of Yaoi… I’m just saying… don’t kill everybody!!!!!!!!! You’re being such a bad boy!!!

I’m happy that i continued reading Naruto… There’s so much fun in the world now!!!

BTW, sorry for all the exclamation points… it’s just how i express myself… my hatred… and my sadness.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!!